From identifying opportunities to execution and beyond, we work in nimble multidisciplinary teams, custom assembled for each client and program.

INDUSTRIA DEL DESIGN s.p.a. is providing consumer relevant style and innovation solutions in a fully confidential environment.

Prototyping capabilities are crucial to meet Market and Industry needs and to radically shorten the time and cost to market.

INDUSTRIA DEL DESIGN s.p.a. has a global portfolio of production partners to ensure best cost value relation and brand consistent execution.

The vertical integration of the product ranges and concepts in the go to market process is vital for success: our product solutions are taylormade to meet the consumer needs based on the brand DNA and Speed to Market Needs.

Global Competence - Alberto Del Biondi s.p.a.

The Alberto Del Biondi s.p.a. team consist of more than 50 highly skilled specialist.

Support Function - Alberto Del Biondi s.p.a.

Up to 50% faster go to market turnaround with significant cost efficiencies along the industrialization and go to market processes.