Rockport launches the total motion line

Rockport, a company of the Adidas Group, launched the Total Motion Line thanks to the creative direction of Alberto Del Biondi and it is immediately a success in sales.
This collection of footwear is characterized by a surprising flexibility and offers general wellness to the foot.

The style proposal is really wide: from the low lace shoe for man to the high heels pump for women (photo): and in the States is a success in sales. The patent that is leading to the growth of Total Motion footwear is the result of Alberto Del Biondi’s fervid and visionary mind.

The Italian entrepreneur, undisputed interpreter of  footwear design in the international fashion system, along with its research and development team, created an innovative solution that ensures extraordinary comfort on all types of footwear.

The Italian company has therefore sold the patent to Rockport with which established a consolidated partnership. The collaboration with Rockport was crucial to ensure the highest quality of industrialization of the technology and adequate visibility of the entire collection. The success has been immediate.Trough Total Motion, the company Alberto Del Biondi perfectly melded the components of technology and innovation creating footwear with remarkable flexibility which, combined with the use of Adiprene (Adidas patent), offers at the same time stability, breathability and an extraordinary “snap” effect which supports the foot during all the stages of the walk.Total Motion line of the footwear with Adiperne technology, is surprisingly comfortable and it is suitable for daily use.

The linearity, simplicity and the great quality of materials used are bringing them to become the most popular shoes in the States. We hope to see them soon in Italy as well.The market has confirmed again the value of Alberto Del Biondi’s insights , so much that there are rumors that the Boston company, in collaboration with Alberto Del Biondi, has another incoming surprise.

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