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Alberto Del Biondi - Alberto Del Biondi s.p.a.


At the beginning of his career, based on his unique creativity and innovative vision of Product Design, Alberto Del Biondi felt a strong need to deeply understand the industry and extensively traveled the world to work with the best of the industry. After this important experience, the Venetian Entrepreneur founded his own Design Company based on the idea to bring together the traditional Shoe and Accessories Know How of Italy and the multi generational expertise of his Family with todays Innovation potential. After 30 years of continuous growth and numerous successful cooperations projects with some of the most respected Companies and Brands in the Fashion Industry, his vision is more relevant than ever and Alberto Del Biondi is today the leading Design and Product Creation Company in the Shoe and Accessories Industry.

Sabrina Maschio - Alberto Del Biondi s.p.a.


The co founder of ALBERTO DEL BIONDI s.p.a. is at the core of the design activities of the company. Her unique experience with many important leading Brands around the world, the deep know how in trends and the ability to develop unique design solutions rooted in the Brands DNA are outstanding. Additionally the intensive research and creativity around materials and the extended industry network, lead to unique Creative and Brand right solutions.

Alessio Rizzi - Alberto Del Biondi


Thanks to Alessio’s thirty years of experience in the artisanal and modern shoe industry, he is responsible for all the Research and Development in Alberto del Biondi and the innovative mind behind some of the most successful new technology concepts in the shoe industry. He represents a unique combination between State of Art Innovation and traditional craft off shoe making. This ability allows the ALBERTO DEL BIONDI s.p.a. clients to develop unique and ownable product solutions and to dramatically accelerate the speed to market by shortening the development cycles.

Daniel Tschumperlin - Alberto Del Biondi s.p.a.


The seamless integration of the product concepts in the Marketing and Communication strategy is crucial in today’s competitive environment. Daniels track record in globalizing fashion and sports brands within Bally and the adidas Group is the base for targeted product ideas, strategic innovation concepts and a competitor focused global range building approach. Within ALBERTO DEL BIONDI s.p.a. the ability to support the physical product with strong marketing concepts, focused messages and speed to market solutions are key drivers.

Gianni Ceccato - Alberto Del Biondi s.p.a.


Gianni Ceccato is one of the pioneers who globalized shoe sourcing from very commercial products as Head of Sourcing in C&A and Bata, but even more to implement his unique sourcing approach, as well for Premium and Luxury products in the LVMH Group. His global view and deep understanding of the Leather Goods Industry enables the clients of ALBERTO DEL BIONDI s.p.a. to seamlessly realize their product in the right execution and the targeted cost to maximize the price value perception of the consumer.

Javier - Business Developer


As EVP Global Product Director of Shoes and Leather Goods for Salvatore Ferragamo since 1983, he has lead and driven the categories to the top of the company’s revenue producers. Today shoes and leather accessories are the key revenue and profit growth drivers for the brand. His experience covers from product, development, merchandising and distribution. His involvement has been global, not only in terms of resourcing but also in terms of a global distribution in all major markets from Asia to the US, Latin America and Europe. Within ALBERTO DEL BIONDI s.p.a. the passion for his work leads him to connect with other luxury/fashion and footwear/accessories execs to develop new business relations and successful cooperation and his global view in the luxury fashion industry will enable our business partners to widen their product offer and to grow and to diversify their business in this segment of the market.



For Alberto Del Biondi s.p.a. the ability to be fully integrated in the organisation and processes of its clients on a continuous base is crucial. Each client is supported by a dedicated Key Account Manager to take care of its needs and the follow up with the teams.


The design process is built on brand specific briefs, resulting in tailor made trend, material and color boards. The physical result is delivered in a fully detailed Design Pack consisting of in house made Lasts, Patterns, Prototypes and if necessary a ready to go Salesmen Sample.


Alberto Del Biondi s.p.a. offers a 360 degree service which includes the whole development process: from the conceptual brief to production.
Thanks to the deep understanding of the leather goods industry, Alberto Del Biondi s.p.a. enables clients to seamlessly realize the product on the highest execution level and the targeted cost to maximise the margins.